The Internal Market Bill is bad news. Here's why. 

1. It’s a power grab. This bill is the single biggest assault on devolution since its creation - it ignores two referendums and overturns the will of the Welsh people.

Live Blog: The Senedd debates independence for the first time - Nation.Cymru

2. Wales will be powerless to stop low quality produce, like chlorinated chicken, from flooding our supermarkets, undercutting Welsh farmers.

90% of Welsh farmers to receive Basic Payment Scheme payments on first day  - FarmingUK News

3. It could lead us to a repeat of the devastating tragedy of Tryweryn by giving Westminster more spending powers over water infrastructure.

Powers over water are being devolved that could enable Wales to prevent  another Tryweryn - Wales Online

4. It would make “buy local” policies impossible by making it illegal to place goods from another part of the UK at a disadvantage compared to local goods.

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5. The Tories could have a veto over the Senedd’s attempts to protect our NHS against privatisation through damaging trade deals.

Sickness absence levels are on the rise in the Welsh NHS, new figures  reveal - Wales Online

6. It could lead to no trade deal with the EU due to the Tories breaking international law, which would wreak havoc on businesses already suffering due to covid-19.

Call for reactive business fund to support small businesses in the event of  local lockdowns - Business Live

7. It could force Wales to turn a blind eye to animal cruelty and could lead to the return of battery eggs and other food produced with brutal practices.

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