Plaid Cymru launched their radical, ambitious (and entirely deliverable) manifesto was launched yesterday. Here's some highlights.

1. It is the most radically ambitious and transformational programme offered by any party in any Welsh election since 1945

Martin Shipton's analysis: Plaid's manifesto is a template for a future  Labour/Plaid coalition - Martin Shipton - Wales Online

We don't just need to recover from a global pandemic but following years of austerity leading to child poverty, a struggling NHS, and underfunded public services.

The manifesto will deliver a fairer, greener, and more prosperous future for Wales. It will give every child in Wales the best start in life, face up to the climate and biodiversity crisis, protect the economy following the pandemic, and take the first steps towards an independent Wales.

2. It's costed - and backed by two prominent economists. 

Plaid Cymru manifesto

Plaid’s manifesto has been independently verified by two of Wales’ leading economists, Professor Brian Morgan and Professor Gerry Holtham.

We've got a plan and we know exactly how we'll pay for it - as explained by our top economic adviser Dr Eurfyl ap Gwilym here

3.  It focuses on tackling the climate crisis

Hundreds of striking schoolchildren protest outside the Senedd about climate  change - Wales Online

Climate change is an issue that isn’t going to go away. In fact, it's probably the next emergency we'll face on a global level. 

The manifesto includes plans for a Welsh Green Deal, a Nature Act which will protect biodiversity, and the electrification and large scale expansion of rail networks, including creating rail networks between the south and north of Wales.

4. It includes plans which will cut the average household bill

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With its reforms to the council tax system, free childcare offer, and the creation of 50,000 new social and affordable homes and homes with a fair rent, household bills across Wales would be lower under Plaid’s plans.

Welsh families will be given fair play and will be better off under Plaid’s plans.

5. Young people haven't been overlooked

Friendship among young people in Wales - News - Cardiff University

The manifesto has big plans for young people who have been particularly badly hit by the pandemic and could be impacted for years to come from its consequences. 

Plaid’s manifesto includes a Youth Job Guarantee which promises work or high quality training for all 16-24 year olds, free rail travel for 16-24 year olds, and the creation of Youth Wellbeing Centres for young people who are not ill enough to require advanced psychiatric treatment, yet need help.  

6. Independence will be on the ballot

A Third Would Vote for Welsh Independence Tomorrow

For the first time ever in a Senedd election the people of Wales will be able to vote to take their own future into their own hands. We believe independence to be the only sure and sustainable means to achieving social and economic progress. So a Plaid Cymru Government will empower the people of Wales to decide the future of our nation in an independence referendum.

7. Eurovision, anyone?

America is getting its own version of The Eurovision Song Contest

The most important take away for some was that a Plaid Cymru Government will bid for Wales to take part as a nation in its own right in the internationally renowned Eurovision song contest. Welsh flags will be flying in the Eurovision crowd in the years to come with Plaid at the helm. 

But in all seriousness, the pandemic has shone a light on the importance of culture and the huge role it plays in our everyday lives, and yet it’s an industry that has suffered greatly from the pandemic.

The manifesto includes the creation of a Welsh Freelancers Fund to support 1,000 freelance workers to work within the community and in schools with a basic income of £1,000 a month for two years, work to establish a fully devolved Welsh broadcasting system, and a commitment to bid to host the Commonwealth Games in Wales in 2030 or 2034.

Read the manifesto in full here

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