Still unsure who to vote for on 6 May? Here are five reasons to cast your vote for Plaid Cymru.

1. New ideas

This is the time for new leadership, new ideas and new energy for a new Wales.

We can’t go back to how things were before the pandemic. We need a government that has fresh ideas to give us a new beginning at this pivotal moment in our history.

That’s the historic opportunity we have in front of us at this election. As our forebears did after World War II, we can decide to face the future together and build a new country. In the 20th century it was Britain, now in the 21st century it’s a new Wales.

Plaid Cymru has the most radically ambitious and transformational programme offered by any party in any Welsh election since 1945. So let’s say “no” to the same old tired ideas, and “yes” to a new future.

2. Tackling the climate emergency

We’re ready to face up to the challenge of our time.

Climate strikes: Hundreds of children miss school to protest - BBC News

Future generations will judge us on what we did about the climate emergency facing all of us now. Unless governments across the world are prepared to step up, freak weathers events will be become the norm. Plaid Cymru is ready to face this challenge as a government.

We would set a Wales 2035 Mission to decarbonize and to reach net zero emissions by 2035. We would establish Ynni Cymru as an energy development company with a target of generating 100 per cent of electricity within Wales from renewables by 2035.

We will ensure that all departmental budgets within Government are aligned with nature and climate restoration.

3. Social care free at the point of need

We will care for the people of Wales

The lowest paid NHS workers in Wales are set for a pay rise - Wales Online

We have a plan to transform the NHS – with thousands of new doctors and nurses.

We will deliver new diagnostic centres for cancer and other conditions to ensure early treatment.

We have a plan to transform social care – making it free for all and paying care workers a decent wage.

Health equality will be a goal of a Plaid Cymru government, with an emphasis on preventative measures that improve mental health.

4. A plan to succeed

At the heart of our economic policy is the need for a decent life for all our citizens

The Welsh high street named the best in Britain - Wales Online

We have a plan that will transform the economy, creating quality jobs in every community – ending youth unemployment, ending child hunger, ending homelessness and poverty pay. 

We will create a £6bn Green Economic Stimulus which will generate 60,000 jobs over the five-year term.

Our youth job guarantee will secure employment for every 16-24-year-old not in full-time education.

Our Local First policy, which will be built around local ownership of the economy, infrastructure, and business, and a sustainable skills base for a revived workforce and economy, will bring life back into our town centres and jobs into our communities.

5. A Stronger Wales

We are not the country that we should be. We are not the country that we can be. And we are not the country we want to be.

Tide is turning' in Welsh indy movement as AUOB holds first march | The  National

Westminster does not work for Wales. Whichever London party is in charge, Wales will never be Westminster’s priority and our priorities will not be guaranteed by Westminster.

Wales faces a moment of truth. This election is about the future. The future cannot be like the past. And it will not be if we decide on our own future.

A Plaid Cymru Government will mean a stronger Wales – feared and respected by Westminster not neglected and ignored. This will mean a better deal for Wales – more investment and more powers.