Plaid Cymru is a Welsh political party dedicated to creating a fairer and greener Wales, where everyone has the same opportunity to reach their full potential - independent from the corruption of Westminster.

We represent everyone who calls Wales their home. And no. You don’t have to speak Welsh to vote for us or join us or even stand for us! Plaid Cymru is a party for everyone in Wales – whatever language(s) you speak.

So, here’s why you should join us....


Plaid's free school meals policy to address failures on child poverty -  Herald Wales

We want to build a fair and just society where everyone is treated equally and has the same chance.                                                                           

We want a Wales where no child goes to school hungry or to bed cold, where opportunities are the same for those in our towns, cities and rural areas, and where all can live safe, healthy, and happy lives.

Plaid Cymru is already taking action to make this a reality. Through our deal with the Welsh Government, we will be playing our part in delivering free school meals to all primary school pupils in Wales and taking immediate action to tackle unaffordable housing and second homes – so that everyone has the right to live and work in the communities where they grew up.


SABELLA signs an Agreement with Menter Môn for the tidal energy project  Morlais in Wales | Sabella

The climate crisis is the next emergency the world is going to face.

Wales is rich in natural resources and perfectly ready to not only play its part in tackling climate change but to rebuild our economy in the process.

That’s why we’ve been campaigning for powers over the Crown Estate to come to Wales – bringing £500m renewable energy potential under Welsh control.

We believe that all parts of society can help make Wales a greener country – from green and affordable public transport, using renewable energy to heat homes, and buying and supporting local food.

Did you know? Our policies have been consistently referred to as the greenest out of all of the political parties in Wales.


Plaid Wrexham

Plaid Cymru is a party that is rooted in community. We are your neighbours, your co-workers, your friends. Whether it’s helping people who have lost their homes due to flooding, delivering food parcels to those in need, or backing local businesses, Plaid Cymru are out there every day in communities across Wales working hard on behalf of the people they represent. 

Did you know? There are Plaid Cymru members and supporters in every community across Wales including 198 County Councillors, 13 Members of the Senedd and 3 MPs.


It's time for Westminster to take Welsh independence seriously | ITV News

Lying, sleaze, corruption.

Welsh taxpayers’ money spent paying for really expensive projects like HS2 (that won’t ever benefit Wales) whilst projects such as electrifying our railways, or the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon are ditched.

The cost of living rising while people’s incomes are falling.

If we had to write a list, why Westminster isn’t working for Wales it would look something like this.

They don’t care about us or our communities.

But week on week our MPs stand up to the Westminster establishment – putting the voice of Wales’ communities front and centre and holding the elite to account. 

Did you know? Plaid Cymru MPs were named as the hardest working party in Westminster.


Wales: When do children return to school, will it be remote? | South Wales  Argus

We want to make the lives of people of Wales better.

From being able to see a doctor on time, well-paid local jobs, to affordable housing, Plaid Cymru’s policies are built to benefit the people of Wales. That’s what we care about.

We’re always looking to the future and working towards realising Wales’ potential as the fair, green, independent nation it can be.


If you agree with us, why not join?

Collage of Party members

As a member of Plaid Cymru you can:

  • take an active part in our campaigns
  • make a real difference in your community by helping to elect local Plaid Cymru champions
  • have your own voice and ideas heard through internal elections and party events
  • meet new people

and you get...

  • access to resources and training
  • and a (very stylish) membership card!

Joining only takes a few minutes. Click here to join today.