Supply Chains and Procurement

Every year, Councils across Wales spend billions of pounds on goods, works and services. Plaid Cymru aims to keep as much money as possible within the local economy, supporting local businesses to thrive and sustain local jobs at the same time.

Plaid Cymru’s target for increasing the level of public sector procurement to 75 per cent of total spend has the potential to create tens of thousands of additional jobs across Wales.

Plaid Cymru-led local authorities have been working to ensure that more and more of their funding is spent locally by breaking up contracts where possible to ensure that local suppliers and businesses are used more often.

Keeping the Benefit Local

Gwynedd County Council piloted their Keeping the Benefit Local strategy, which considers how best to keep money spent by the Council in the local area. Over the past four years, the amount of council spending staying inside the county increased from £56m to £78m – a rise of 39%.

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Wales’s First Local Economic Recovery Plan

Plaid Cymru-led Carmarthenshire County Council was the first local authority in Wales to implement a Covid Recovery Plan, safeguarding 10,000 jobs and supporting many more micro-businesses which otherwise would have slipped through the net of government support.

✔ Plaid Cymru: Making a Difference

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