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Covid-19 has hit poorer communities hardest. Plaid Cymru aims to make Health Equality our goal for a healthier fairer nation, with actions to improve access to care for all. Our local authorities and councillors will:

  • Encourage walking and cycling, with accessible paths and networks
  • Improve public accessibility to amenities such as parks, and public transport
  • Invest in Youth Services and Youth Centres – ensuring they include professionals offering mental health advice and sexual health advice
  • Ensure that local government staff have access to occupational health service, leisure and sport facilities – and work with business providers to see how this access can be expanded to employees of SMEs
  • Encourage schools to provide children with the opportunity to exercise and learn outdoors as much as possible, while meeting a minimum of two hours’ physical exercise each week
  • Promote and facilitate social prescribing - to encourage participation in community activity and exercise

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