Tech, Green energy & Water Investment

Tax breaks for technology, greener energy & water companies to invest in Wales, allowing certain "rewards" for investment into certain areas. Additional breaks for training / retraining local population for employment - Think (in green investment) something along the lines of a Tesla giga factory opening up, with breaks / grants for training / retraining anyone with x miles - With Tech, something along the lines of tax breaks for tech companies opening an office in Wales / moving an office to Wales, with additional grants available for taking on additional staff from local areas & universities (which may only be applicable for companies who would pay X amount of tax per year). The additional tax coming in off these larger companies should help repay the grants (although I'm no economist) Wales is actually in a good geographical location to support those. Having a lot of space for warehouses / factories, being close to England / London, being an entrypoint / exit point from & to US / Canada / Ireland & Europe Then of course, Welsh Independence would allow the ability to add on additional import / export taxes.