Plaid Cymru Westminster Leader Liz Saville Roberts MP has said proposals that the UK Government could use the Internal Market Bill to try and undermine the EU Withdrawal Agreement “is as stupid as it is dangerous”.

Ms Saville Roberts made the comments following reports that the UK Government plans to use the legislation to remove legal obligations made in the Withdrawal Agreement that relate to areas including the Northern Ireland border and state aid.

The Internal Market Bill is expected to be published later this week and is set to define how post-Brexit trade operates between the UK’s four nations.

Proposals for the legislation had already come in for criticism over concerns that it undermines two decades of devolution to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Liz Saville Roberts MP said:

“Breaking international law is never a good idea, to do it in the middle of a pandemic is as stupid as it is dangerous. At a time when the world needs to work together the UK Government is actively doing the opposite.  

“The Internal Market Bill was already set to undo the work of multiple devolution referendums, but now it looks set to put the UK on the path to becoming a pariah on the world stage.

“This is rogue state behaviour undermining not only EU negotiations but trust in the UK in all future international negotiations.

“Westminster’s shambolic handling of the pandemic has already shown how in Wales we can do better for ourselves. This latest scandal only makes it clearer that Westminster does not, and never will, work for Wales.”