Hugh Kocan

Candidate for Monmouth

Hugh Kocan - Monmouth

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Tell us about yourself

I am 23, born and raised in Abergavenny. I have studied at both Swansea and Cardiff University, focusing on economics and the economy of Wales. I have been heavily involved with the party since 2015, including serving on the NEC of Plaid Cymru’s youth branch.

I was first inspired to get involved in politics by Leanne Wood during the 2015 general election. Her message that Wales could flourish, despite the years of struggle and underfunding, motivated me to put my effort towards building a stronger Wales. It is this ambition that encouraged me to run here in Monmouth.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

The most immediate issue is to rebuild in the eventual aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The consequences will be far reaching and will impact us years to come. We need to learn the lessons 2020, rebuild a more resilient society, and help all those affected to recover.

What will you do for Monmouth if elected?

My message for the people of Monmouth is one of connection.

  • Connection through developing a strong local economy by investing and supporting local business and agriculture over multinational corporations.
  • Connection through investment in a cooperatively run, not for profit transport network.
  • Connection through improving broadband coverage in Monmouth to help businesses grow, and to encourage people to work locally, rather than in Cardiff.
  • Connection through supporting citizen’s assemblies and bringing power closer to the people.
  • Connection through fighting inequality and intolerance to create a fairer society.
  • Connection through supporting young people in finding affordable housing and employment.