Lord Dafydd Wigley

Dafydd Wigley represents Plaid Cymru in the House of Lords. He is Wales' voice in Westminster's upper chamber and works closely with our Plaid Cymru Members of Parliament. 

Dafydd Wigley was born in Derby, England. He attended Caernarfon Grammar School and Rydal School before studying at Victoria University Manchester and training as an accountant. He worked for Hoover as a Financial Controller before being elected to Parliament as an MP in 1974. Dafydd Wigley first became President of Plaid Cymru in 1981. Dafydd Wigley led Plaid Cymru to a "quiet earthquake" in the first Assembly Election in 1999 where Plaid Cymru recorded a fantastic result and became the main opposition party. 

After a long career serving Wales at all political levels, Dafydd Wigley still commands a huge amount of respect from the people of Wales and he continues to serve our country tirelessly.