Another year of Plaid Cymru on your side

As 2022 draws to a close, Plaid Cymru reflects back on highlights from another busy year standing up for the people of Wales, because Plaid Cymru is on your side.

We will do what’s right by our communities – fighting their battles, believing in your causes, and championing change through our deep-rooted values of fair play.

We’ve seen some major changes to our lives, and the highs of 2022 are inextricably linked to the lows: In the same year that saw the roll-out of our long fought campaign for universal free meals in primary schools, Wales recorded the highest level of child poverty in the UK.

Here are some of the ways we’ve made a difference to our communities:

Finding common ground for the common good

A year since we signed a cooperation agreement with the Welsh Government, and the future is bright for the ambitions we have pursued. We will continue the interests we set out with: to feed our children, care for our elderly, and change the lives of thousands of people the length and breadth of our country for the better.

Plaid Cymru led councils commit to Net Zero by 2030

Each Plaid Cymru-led local authority has declared a climate emergency, with Carmarthenshire county council being the first to do so. All have committed to reach net zero emissions by 2030.

Feeding hungry children

Through the Co-operation Agreement with the Welsh Government, we have secured our long fought campaign for free school meals for all primary school pupils across Wales. Plaid Cymru has ensured that most local authority areas have implemented the policy ensuring high quality coverage while using local produce where possible. Providing free school meals is a huge step towards tackling poverty in Wales.

Practical solutions to the cost-of-living crisis

Through our radical ‘People’s Plan’ we’ve detailed practical solutions to the current crisis, calling on Welsh Government to freeze rent, ban evictions and ensure more affordable public transport. We’ve also called on UK Government to cur energy prices. Society’s most vulnerable members must be protected from the effects of the cost of living crisis.

Free Childcare for all 2 year olds

Thanks to our influence, free childcare for all two year olds is a part of our Co-operation Agreement with Welsh Government. Plaid Cymru councillors and local authorities continue to have a pivotal role in the development of these childcare services and we’re excited to provide this service to families across Wales.

Plaid Cymru led councils welcome refugees

Plaid Cymru’s local authorities continue to highlight the proud record they have in welcoming refugees. Plaid Cymru has advocated that people should be entitled to asylum as a result of their intrinsic value as human beings rather than just their economic value.  Wales should be a safe haven for those fleeing strife.

Free Welsh Lessons for 16-25 year olds

The Co-operation Agreement has been pivotal in achieving the further development of the Welsh language in Wales, by committing to free Welsh lessons for all 16-25 year olds and growing the number of educational practitioners. Everyone in Wales should have the right to Welsh lessons and this is a major step forward in achieving one million Welsh speakers.

Direct action to tackle the housing crisis

Through the Co-operation Agreement, package of measures will be introduced to tackle the injustices in the housing market by using the planning, property and taxation systems to address the issue of second homes and unaffordable housing.

Supporting all workers fighting for fair pay

Plaid Cymru stands in solidarity with all workers fighting for fair pay and safe working conditions. Plaid Cymru has called time and time for Welsh Government to use all the levers at their disposal to improve their pay award to nurses, and to do everything in their power to protect hardworking ordinary people from paying the price of Westminster’s trashing of the economy. Protecting public sector pay means protecting public services. We all suffer if workers in our health, education and services feel undervalued.

Fair settlement for S4C

On the 40th Birthday of S4C Plaid Cymru urged Michelle Donelan MP to ‘commit to providing further resource to S4C’. S4C has been central to promoting the Welsh language, it is a global platform for our language and Plaid Cymru continues to secure its future.

Campaign against lying in politics

On the 28th of October Liz Saville Roberts MP addressed lying in politics through her bill that proposed banning it. With Rishi Sunak pledging to restore ‘integrity and accountability’ to the position of Prime Minister, it surely goes without saying that this legislation is needed.

Nationalise energy

We’ve set out our vision for a publicly owned energy company – Ynni Cymru. Thanks to our Co-operation Agreement with the Welsh Government, Plaid Cymru believes that Ynni Cymru will help Wales realise its potential as an energy rich nation whose resources benefit the people of Wales, not multinational exporters.



Even with this year’s highlights there’s still more to be done, but Wales only truly wins when Plaid Cymru is a player on the pitch.

While Westminster imposes more hardship, Plaid Cymru will be looking forward – together, to build a Cymru for all – one that’s just, prosperous, fair, and free from Westminster chaos.

But despite the challenges, in the words of Dafydd Iwan: Ry’n ni yma o hyd – we’re still here.