Aberconwy candidate hits out at 'shameful' record of cronyism, austerity and attacks on devolution

Plaid Cymru Senedd Election candidate for Aberconwy, Aaron Wynne has today said that the Tory government in Westminster is “living proof of just how damaging a Tory Welsh Government would be”.

Aaron Wynne said that the Conservatives’ “shameful record” of “cronyism, austerity and attacks on devolution” should preclude them from being allowed “anywhere near the levers of powers in Wales”.

In recent days, it has emerged that former Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, had privately lobbied ministers, including through texts to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, to win access to an emergency coronavirus loan scheme for finance firm Greensill Capital.

It is only the most recent example of scandals relating to the Conservatives’ handling of Covid contracts. National Audit Office report from November 2020 found that new contracts worth £17.3 billion were awarded to suppliers, of which: £10.5 billion were awarded directly without any competition. In March, a Court Order showed Boris Johnson misled Parliament over Covid contracts.

Mr Wynne also questioned why a party intent on “undermining Welsh democracy” and “denying funding for our communities” should be trusted to govern Wales.

He referred to the English HS2 project, which the UK Government has designated as an ‘England and Wales’ project, leading to Wales already losing out from £514m. He also referred to the Shared Prosperity Fund provides only a fraction of the level of funding Wales received under EU funding while also depriving Wales of the right to decide how money is spent.

Plaid Cymru candidate for Aberconwy, Aaron Wynne, said:

“We should judge the Tories on their deeds, not their words. Their shameful record in Westminster of cronyism, austerity and attacks on devolution is living proof of just how damaging a Tory Welsh Government would be.

“This is a party that has squandered billions of pounds in dodgy Covid contracts – leading to the Tories’ friends getting richer while others get poorer. It’s a party that allows former Tory Prime Ministers to win public contracts due to their connections, not their credentials, while thousands of ordinary people are left in the lurch.

“After spending the past five years ruthlessly undermining Welsh democracy denying funding for our communities – from HS2 to the Shared Prosperity Fund – they should not be trusted anywhere near the levers of powers in Wales.

“With an ambitious programme to create 60,000 jobs, offer free school meals to all primary pupils, give a £35 weekly child payment to families, and train and recruit 6,000 extra doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals, Plaid Cymru has the positive solutions to build a Wales that stands in stark contrast to the Westminster Tories’ destruction.”