Plaid Cymru Health spokesperson Mabon ap Gwynfor MS has responded to analysis published today by the Royal College of Nursing which highlights that less than a quarter of all shifts in Wales have sufficient registered nurses.

The analysis shows that nearly 8 in 10 respondents (78%) in Wales reported that the number of nursing staff was not sufficient to meet the needs of patients safely.

Mabon ap Gwynfor called the findings “a damning indictment of Labour’s management of the NHS” and criticised Labour’s “intransigence when it comes to setting a workforce plan.”

Mabon ap Gwynfor MS said:

“This is a damning indictment of Labour’s management of the NHS in Wales and completely undermines attempts to set safe staffing levels in Wales.

Wales’ NHS is teetering on the brink on Labour’s watch, a reflection not of the hard work and thorough professionalism of nurses but because successive Labour Health Ministers have taken their eye off the ball.

Plaid Cymru has warned for years that Labour’s intransigence when it comes to setting a work force plan and its dismissive attitude to paying nurses fairly will place added strain on the workforce.

It is clear neither Labour nor the Tories have a clear plan to safeguard the future of our most treasured public service which is why a vote for Plaid Cymru on 4 July is the only way of putting the needs of Welsh communities first.”