Plaid Cymru has formally pledged that it will offer a Welsh independence referendum within the first term of Government should it be able to command a majority following this year’s Senedd elections.


The party’s special conference on independence, held virtually today (Saturday 13th of February), saw party members formally approving the pledge made by party Leader Adam Price late last year.

The policy now makes Plaid Cymru the only political party contesting the 2021 Senedd elections with a commitment to hold a referendum on Welsh Independence within a clear timetable.

It also makes the 2021 Senedd elections the first ever Welsh elections where independence and its timetable are on the ballot.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said that history had been made and added that the vote reflected the “growing confidence” in Wales’ ability to run its own affairs.

Membership of grassroots group Yes Cymru has grown exponentially – hitting 17,000 members last month. 25,000 people have signed its online pledge backing a referendum on Welsh independence.

Speaking after the conference, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price MS said,

“History was made today. For the first time, independence and its timetable will be on the ballot paper in a Welsh General Election, reflecting the growing confidence in our ability to run our own affairs.

“With today’s endorsement of our unwavering belief that the people of Wales should decide their constitutional future by the middle of this decade – we have a clear roadmap for a free and fair nation.

“In government, we will build upon the excellent work of the Independence Commission by legislating for a Welsh Self-Determination Act paving the way for a National Commission which will oversee the process leading up to the referendum.

“We don’t want to win independence for independence’s sake, but rather for the sake of the thousands of families whose futures depend on Wales becoming a fairer, more equal nation.

“In these uncertain times, the only certainty is that we can do far better than the status quo - a new normal that is there to be won in the Welsh spring.