Thanks for considering voting for Plaid Cymru. Do you want to know more about us, what we stand for and what you get when you vote for us? Here’s a few points…

By voting for Plaid Cymru, you’ll get a committed local community champion

Plaid Cymru Councillors are committed to their communities. Throughout the many crises we’ve faced and continue to face Plaid Councillors have been at the front line, helping those in need. Whether it’s helping residents during flooding, creating food banks and food parcels during covid, or by working with individuals during the cost-of-living crisis – Plaid Councillors are there to help those in need.


What we’re doing to help to protect people with the cost-of-living

In these incredibly difficult times, Plaid Cymru is looking out for all people in Wales.

We’re working with the Welsh Government to make a difference to people’s household bills where and when possible.

See more about our Co-operation Agreement here.


Free School Meals for all primary and secondary schools

We believe that every child should have the right to a healthy, filling school meal that leaves them free to concentrate on learning and growing up healthy. It will get rid of stigma and dinner school debt.

We’ve managed to secure this for every primary school child by working with the Welsh Government, but we want to go further. To be truly universal, we want to extend this to all secondary schools. All Plaid Councillors are signed up to this mission.


We’ll tackle the housing crisis

Everyone should have the right to a home near their family, where they can access work and where they can be part of a community.

Plaid Councillors want to build more modern council houses and deal with the second home crisis hollowing out communities.


Free childcare for two-year-olds

Expanding free childcare to ALL two-year-olds gives every child the best start to education and gives young families the flexibility that they need. We’re committed to this.


Taking control of our energy

The cost-of-living crisis has highlighted the need for a green energy revolution. We’ve been banging that drum for a long time, and Plaid-led councils will lead the way on renewable green energy that is publicly owned, powers our communities at a fair price and gets Wales to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030.


We support the local economy

Plaid-led councils are committed to promoting and investing in local economies. Gwynedd Council increased local spending by 39%, from £56m to £78m over four years. That’s money that goes back into the local economy – employing local people and supporting local businesses.


Voting in the local elections takes place on the 5th of May.

If you have a postal vote, return it ASAP or take it to the polling station on election day.

Oh… and vote Plaid Cymru!