Wales wins when Plaid Cymru has a place at the table

Plaid Cymru is making a difference to the people of Wales through the party’s determination to co-operate for the good of the people of Wales.

Four million additional free school meals have been provided to children across the country to date, thanks to the party’s Co-operation Agreement with Welsh Government.

The party has today confirmed that, thanks to its continued determination to work for the benefit of the nation and its people, that the funding for this important initiative has been protected and enhanced.

Protection has been given to all forty-six areas of the shared policy programme of the Co-operation Agreement during this process, as well as new funding for cost of living initiatives to help those most in need which have been achieved between draft and final budget as part of Plaid Cymru’s wider influence on the Welsh budget.

The new funding includes £40m to offer additional protection for those in mortgage difficulty, similar to the Mortgage Rescue Scheme introduced by Ieuan Wyn Jones and Jocelyn Davies during the One Wales Government at the height of the 2008 financial crisis.

Full details of the additional wins Plaid Cymru has secured will be revealed later on today, ahead of the final budget being debated and voted on by the Senedd.

Plaid Cymru spokesperson for Finance, Llyr Gruffydd MS said:

“Four million additional free school meals is a direct investment in the future of our nation. It’s thanks to the campaigning of Plaid Cymru that this important initiative was in the Co-operation Agreement with Welsh Government.

“At a time when rising costs are forcing too many families to have to choose between heating their homes or heating their food – providing children with a hot, nutritious meal at school has undoubtably helped ease some of the pressure during these difficult times.

“Today’s news, that the funding for this initiative has been ring-fenced, will help protect our children from the ravages of Tory austerity for years to come.

“Clearly there’s much more we’d like to do, but members of Plaid Cymru – and indeed our wider nation – can be proud that in Wales we’re making a tangible difference to those who need it most.”