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This is Leanne Wood's radical agenda for ensuring that ‘decisions affecting Wales are made in Wales’ through a programme of democratisation and empowerment.

Publishing this wide-ranging pamphlet with ideas ranging from education to enterprise to democratic reform, Leanne Wood said that giving people a greater say over the matters which impact them and their communities can re-engage individuals with politics and challenge the despair which has dominated in light of a decade of cuts and the vote to leave the EU.

The Tories and Labour present a false choice between top-down, increasingly regressive right-wing politics, and the latter’s London-centric agenda with its stubborn refusal to yield power from Westminster or Cardiff.

In the days after the lecture, Leanne Wood will embark on a tour of Wales hosting public meetings to discuss the ideas contained in the pamphlet and engage with people on a grassroots level. Click here for the latest details of the tour.

If you agree that decisions about Wales should be made in Wales, click here to sign the petition.

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