The weekend saw people travelling incredible distances, sometimes hundreds of miles to visit some of Wales' beauty spots during this pandemic, despite it being against Welsh law.

Plaid Cymru has written this open letter to the First Minister urging him to increase fines to keep Wales safe.

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Dear First Minister,

The movement of people from more densely populated areas with higher infection rates to more rural communities is creating unneeded tensions.

Local people are understandably anxious about the prospect of rising infection rates. We believe that the priority must be to protect these communities.

The experiences of our police forces on the ground over the last few weeks following changes and easing of travel restrictions in England, clearly demonstrate that we have to be more vigilant and stricter with fines. At the moment, the penalty in Wales doesn’t fit the crime. Put simply, it isn’t working.

All four Chief Constables and all four of Wales’ Police and Crime Commissioners wrote to you on Friday laying down the evidence as to why increased fines are the best deterrent for people travelling into Wales and within Wales. Plaid Cymru agrees with them that raising the fines for those breaking lockdown rules in Wales - and bringing them in parity with England, is the right step to allow our police to better protect our communities during this crisis.

We therefore urgently ask you as First Minister to increase the fines police can hand out so that we can keep Wales safe.

Don’t let our communities down.

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