Breaking the Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown, might be a great track by Led Zeppelin, it is unfortunately the sorry case that we currently find ourselves in. Between little to no devolved Media powers, One UK conglomerate media company owning the mainstream monopoly of media in Wales, the bereft teachings of our histories - in addition to an inability to read/understand our histories for many as we are not taught ein iaith in the first place (or taught it as a second / tourist language) - where arguably the communication breakdown started back when Edward laid the first brick at Caernarfon. I suggest, but wouldn’t know how to achieve, that we push for devolved media powers - break apart the monopoly (or legislate as such so that the laws make it so that one company can’t own a monopoly), as well as working towards reconnecting our communities. Our nation was unstoppable at a point in time - when we worked together. We need to return back to our roots - we need to turn back to our neighbouring areas and need a place/facility (physical and/or online) to be able to connect. Dw i’n byw yn Castell-Nedd, ond - we hear absolutely nothing of what happens North/West/East/Hell - lucky to hear what happens in Swansea/Cardiff. We need to work on our own inter tourism across Wales - where I feel that some form of exchange program potentially related to education - to be able to organise for younger minds of how we’re interconnected (today as well as in our histories), but absolutely anything and everything to breakdown the constant media dialogue of “too small to be big”, where we are humble giants in what we’ve given to the world and feel we need to be reminded of that to reaffirm our self worth/self confidence as a nation and peoples. In the words of Noam Chomsky: “Remove a people’s past, Input a present - and you can dictate their future”. Where is our future heading with the communication breakdown of media and spreading of misinformation (as seen in lockdown)? Towards a future not of our own validity - but of our subjugation and assimilation into England. The weapon of our oppressor has always been language, perception and framing. Look at how our nation is framed and perceived in media - and question: Does this represent me? If not - then we have our work cut out for us as I don’t feel it will be an easy feat, seeing as those were the tools that got us to vote against our better interests.