The Welsh Government should fund university places in Wales to ensure no student misses out on their desired university place as a result of the A Level grading debacle Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price has said.

Almost half of Wales’ A Level students’ grades were initially downgraded because of the system used to calculate results.

The Welsh Government announced yesterday that teachers’ assessed results will now be used rather than those produced by an algorithm following widespread outrage from students and teachers.

However, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said that there would still be students who would have missed out on their desired university place because the Welsh Government’s U-turn came “too late”.

Plaid Cymru Leader, Adam Price MS said,

“Despite the Welsh Government’s much overdue U-turn yesterday, there will still be students who haven’t been able to secure their desired place in their first choice university because the course is now full.

“Had the Welsh Government only announced the U-turn sooner, students wouldn’t now find themselves stuck in this limbo.

“The Welsh Government’s mishandling led to this mess. They should now clean it up by funding university places in Wales to Welsh domiciled students to ensure that no one who lost out because of unfair downgrading will miss out on a space on their desired course.

“At a time of heightened anxiety and unprecedented times - and in a year where the Welsh Government has actually cut the HEFCW grant, this is the very least they could do to right the wrong served to our young people over the past few weeks.”