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  • Conwy | Tŷ Gwynfor | Communications Training | Members only

10:40 Saturday

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16:45 Saturday

10:40 Friday - Rhuddlan

Farmers' Union of Wales and NFU Cymru

Priorities for the Agriculture (Wales) Bill

Join the Farmers’ Union of Wales and NFU Cymru to hear their priorities for the Agriculture (Wales) Bill.

Don't miss the chance to discuss with both Welsh farming unions how this critical legislation can provide the framework for future agricultural policy in Wales to underpin food production, deliver environmental objectives and safeguard our family farms, rural communities and unique culture at a pivotal time in Welsh agriculture.

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10:40 Friday - Conwy

Diabetes UK Cymru

Lifestyle Medicine to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Over 209,015 people live with diabetes in Wales (Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90% of all cases), equivalent to one in 13 people, the highest level of prevalence of any of the UK Nations. Emerging research shows that lifestyle change provides the most significant impact to help people manage their diabetes; however, prescription medications continue to be the norm.

Hosted by Rhun ap Iorwerth MS and Diabetes UK Cymru, Dr Nerys Fraser shares the results of her project in Carmarthenshire, using lifestyle medicines to manage Type 2 diabetes to increase the number of people in remission.

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10:40 Friday - Hall - Members only

National Campaigns Unit

NationBuilder Training

NationBuilder: not just a website but a base for your whole campaign. Come along and listen to Lucie Basset, a Nation Builder Expert from Brussels explain how we can maximise our internet presence from fundraising to e-mail.

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12:45 Friday - Rhuddlan

ASCL Cymru, NEU Cymru, and UCU Cymru

Ambitious qualifications for Wales?

GCSEs can't continue to fail some of the poorest young people in Wales. How do we make sure the pledge in the Co-operation Agreement is realised and that the planned new qualifications match the ambition on the new Curriculum for Wales? We will be exploring the possible challenges and solutions in creating new qualifications for Wales, with emphasis on equity for learners.

With ASCL Cymru, NEU Cymru and UCU Cymru; chaired by Siân Gwenllian MS.

Lunch available

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12:45 Friday - Conwy

UK Commission on Bereavement - Independent Age

How to improve support for bereaved individuals in post-pandemic Wales

The meeting will gather politicians, academic researchers and representatives from charities to discuss how to improve support for bereaved individuals in post-pandemic Wales.

The UK Commission on Bereavement’s event will be chaired by Dr Idris Baker, the Wales National Clinical Lead for End of Life Care.

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17:10 Friday - Rhuddlan

Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre

‘The Welsh Criminal Justice System: On the Jagged Edge’ with Richard Wyn Jones

The Welsh criminal justice system is unique. While the country has its own devolved government and parliament, there is no Welsh equivalent of the Scottish or Northern Irish justice systems. Rather, the writ of England and Wales criminal justice institutions continues to run. Yet the Welsh Government is also—inevitably—centrally involved in key aspects of justice policy.

Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre has been at the cutting edge of research into the Welsh criminal justice system, revealing a litany of poor outcomes across range of areas. Now, in an urgent and challenging new book, Robert Jones and Richard Wyn Jones explain how the constitutional  underpinnings of the Welsh criminal justice system lead to complexity and a lack of accountability and make it nigh-on impossible to deal with its problems.

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17:10 Friday - Conwy

Welsh Local Government Association

Plaid Cymru councils supporting local housing

Everyone in Wales deserves to have a safe and secure home in flourishing, thriving and sustainable communities. Hear from Plaid Cymru council leaders how their authorities are innovating and taking action to ensure housing for local communities.

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17:10 Friday - Hall

Solicitors Regulation Authority

How can we break down barriers to access to justice?

Join us for a discussion about legal advice in Wales. It will be an opportunity to consider the challenges of accessing timely and good quality legal advice, in ways that meet the needs of different communities.

We’ll explore how we could improve and support access to legal services both now and in the future. This includes how changes to the way services are delivered as a result of Covid, might present opportunities to use technology to increase access.

The session will be chaired by Sioned Williams MS, with speakers Rhys ab Owen MS, Fran Targett (Chair of National Advice Network Wales and member of the Law Council of Wales), and Liz Withers (Head of Welsh Affairs, Solicitors Regulation Authority).

Refreshments available

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8:30 Saturday - Conwy - Members only

Tŷ Gwynfor

Communication Training

Communications 101: From press to social media to graphic design. Arm yourself to communicate the best you can.

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10:40 Saturday - Rhuddlan - Private fringe – invite only

Electoral Reform Society Cymru

Plaid Councillors for STV in partnership with ERS Cymru.

Council’s can now change the way they elect their councillors. What needs to be done to improve local democracy in Wales to make it fairer, stronger and more diverse?

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10:40 Saturday - Conwy

Building Communities Trust

A Community Wealth Fund for Wales

Join Building Communities Trust to discover the real benefits that a wealth fund could bring to communities in Wales, how it would benefit local communities and be different from most other funding available. We’re joined by Claire Pugh from We Are Plas Madoc and Meleri Davies from Partneriaeth Ogwen who will offer examples of the type of community action a wealth fund could support.

Claire works for We are Plas Madoc, a community project on the Plas Madoc estate between Wrexham and Llangollen and they have a ten year flexible grant scheme through the Invest Local programme which has allowed them to address issues on the estate in a flexible way and plan ahead with confidence.

Meleri works for Partneriaeth Ogwen; they have a service level agreement from local community councils and rental income which underpins all their work, providing permanent funding for their core costs.

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10:40 Saturday - Hall - Members only

National Campaigns Unit

Treeware Training

Treeware: Plaid Cymru’s database of every elector in Wales. A crucial cornerstone of any serious election campaign. Come along and see how it can transform your campaign.

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13:00 Saturday - Rhuddlan

Open University in Wales

Keeping learning open during times of crisis

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people across Wales have been turning to learning as a way of boosting their wellbeing, sharpening their skills, and learning new skills to help them secure work.

Now, we face a new crisis as the cost of living soars. Keeping learning open by supporting people to take up adult education will continue to be crucial to the resilience of our communities and the health of our economy.

Join The Open University in Wales, together with the Learning and Work Institute Cymru, NUS Wales, and Sioned Williams MS, at Plaid Cymru’s Annual Conference to discuss what we need to do to keep the doors to learning open for everyone, regardless of background or circumstances.

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13:00 Saturday - Conwy

Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre

Wales’ Fiscal Future

In this session, Cardiff University’s Wales Fiscal Analysis team will present their latest analysis of Wales’ economic position, outline the worrying outlook for households and public services, and explore the implications for current constitutional debates.

What are the prospects of alleviating Wales’ economic, fiscal, and social problems under current constitutional arrangements? What would be the fiscal challenges and economic opportunities of independence for Wales?

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13:00 Saturday - Hall - Members only

Councillors' Association

Local Government Election Campaign

You may think its all over but its just starting!  A training session for elected councillors on how to retain their seat.

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16:45 Saturday - Rhuddlan

Plaid Ifanc

Your Council, Your Voice

Local authorities arguably have a larger impact on our day to day lives than national government, but many young people are unaware of their importance.

Join us for a panel discussion chaired by Joshua McCarthy, joined by Heledd Fychan MS, Cllr Aaron Wynne and other panelists as we explore how local government can be reformed to better enfranchise young people.

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16:45 Saturday - Conwy - Members only

National Campaigns Unit

Marked Electoral Rolls Training

Knowing who votes is vital to any election campaign. This session will look at the importance of entering the marked electoral roll after any election and the simplicity of entry.

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