Plaid Cymru's ambition is to become the next government in Wales. In doing so, we’ll achieve the long held dream of forming the first pro-independence Welsh Government. Here's how you can help us. 

1. Join

We are going to build a Wales that is fair, free and green. A Wales that is successful and prosperous. A Wales where everyone is equal and no one is left behind. Becoming a member of Plaid Cymru is one of the best ways you can help us - and Wales - achieve this aim. 

As a Plaid Cymru member, you'll be provided with all of the campaigning tools and resources you need to get involved in the election campaign - from leafletting to social media, becoming an integral part of the team that will win the Welsh general election of 2021. 

Does anyone you know support Plaid Cymru but isn’t yet a member? Have you talked to them about joining? 

Becoming a member also has other perks. You can have a say in shaping key party policy, attend conferences and summer schools, have the opportunity to vote in internal elections and meet many other like minded people who want to help Wales and its people achieve their potential.

2. Use social media.

With restrictions on doorstep campaigning, we’re going to have to get creative in getting the message out there. This is where social media comes in. 

Sign up to become a digital volunteer today and help spread the message to the people of Wales - that Wales deserves a government that will stand for Wales and for every one of us in Wales.

You can help share messages through key platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or you can help create content like graphics or videos. 

3. Volunteer

Whatever your talent, whatever your interests, whatever your schedule, the new Wales needs you.

If we want to change our country, we must all take responsibility for doing so. Join our family of activists today, get stuck in knocking doors, leafletting, canvass via phone or anything else you feel you can do -- and let's make history together.

4. Donate

We're a people powered party. Every penny we raise brings us a step closer to forming a government and brings Wales closer to independence.

If you have even £2 to spare, every little really does help. Or, why not buy some of our merchandise? We have plenty of clothing, accessories and mugs! 

5. Vote

The most important thing you can do to help elect the first pro-independence Welsh Government is to vote one in. 

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the election will be going ahead on May 6th 2021 and it is important that those of us who want to choose a better future for Wales use our voice - and vote.

Make a plan to vote. Put the date in your diary. Make sure you are registered to vote. Make sure your friends and family are registered to vote. Speak to first time voters - 16 and 17 year olds. Make sure they are registered to vote. Tell them about Plaid Cymru. Speak to older and more vulnerable voters. Make sure they are registered for a postal or proxy vote. Tell them about Plaid Cymru. 

Make a plan to vote and on May 6th, tell your friends, tell your family, tell the world - to vote for Wales, vote Plaid Cymru.