The energy policy for Wales.

Plans for nuclear power site at Wyfla must centre on needs of local community ? Don't fall for it. A Nuclear power industry in Wales makes no sense at all all. It is very expensive to build and inefficient at producing electric power with only 18% of energy generated used in electric power generated at best. The rest of the energy is wasted. Don't mention CHP from nuclear, the last project came to a disastrous end in 1986 in Northern Ukraine. We in Wales have plenty of wind across the west coast of our country and wind farms are more reliable, safer and cheaper and quicker to install and more flexible to operate. We also have tidal currents that can generate electricity. There is also solar. They are all better options. I doubt the UK will ever get a financial backing for nuclear power. The companies have always withdrawn their backing when they accessed the financial reality of such a scheme. The UK plans for nuclear generation in Wales can only be seen as a scheme to keep Wales within the UK and nothing more. Plaid Cymru must not back the scheme and instead must develop our own energy policy based on sustainable power generation with no harmful waste. A nuclear power industry will do nothing for ordinary people, but put them at risk. It will be better to invest finance in the manufacture of wind turbines, solar panels and tidal power capture equipment, which will provide real jobs and growth in the economy.