Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price has today urged voters in all parts of Wales to back his party at the ballot box on Thursday so that it can continue to make a positive difference in communities nationwide.

Citing the examples of Ynys Mon, Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Gwynedd where Plaid Cymru leads the Councils, Adam Price MS said that having a Plaid-run council was "good for the local community, economy and environment" and that the party's track record on protecting jobs, supporting schools and businesses through the pandemic, and taking steps to tackle the housing crisis spoke for itself.

Adam Price urged voters who feel let down by Labour and the Tories to "choose change" if they're fed up with inadequate local services.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price:

"Plaid Cymru candidates have worked tirelessly over recent weeks to take our positive message to communities in all parts of Wales.

"From Caernarfon to Carmarthen, Plaid-run councils' records speak for themselves. Having Plaid representation is good for the local economy, community and environment. Throughout the pandemic, Plaid-led councils took swift steps to protect local jobs and support schools and businesses during one of the most difficult times any of us can remember.

"On a national level too, Plaid is delivering for communities nationwide having secured free school meals for all primary pupils as part of our Cooperation Agreement with the Welsh Government.

"A vote for Plaid Cymru on Thursday is a vote to take this further. Plaid Cymru-run councils are committed to the aim of extending free school meals to all secondary school pupils, helping to tackle child hunger, poverty and inequality.

"Welsh communities are stronger with Plaid Cymru champions fighting their corner. If you are fed up with inadequate local services, if you are being let down by Labour and the Tories, choose change at the ballot box.

"Vote for Plaid Cymru so we can continue making a positive difference to more people's lives in more communities throughout Wales."