In a time of great change make it for the good, Liz Saville Roberts MP.


Liz Saville Roberts MP used a tele-conference with the Prime Minister to call for him to reflect on the need to better recognise the history of BAME people in the UK and how we can use this time of change to make sure the community is better represented.

Following the call scheduled ahead of a UK Government update on the latest round of changes to Coronavirus ‘lockdown’ rules, Ms Saville Roberts said “with so much of our society in flux, we must make sure it is changing for the good, for good.”

Liz Saville Roberts MP said:

“Coronavirus has been a catalyst for change, but so has the huge outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. I grew up in London not far from the spot from where Stephen Lawrence was murdered. The legacy of his desperately sad death was one of change and a change for the better. History is being shaped in front of us and now is the time that we can make positive changes again.

“In today’s call with the Prime Minister – which focussed on the issue of the Coronavirus – I made clear that with so much of our society in flux, we must make sure it is changing for the good, for good. Black, Asian and minority ethnic people have been systematically let down for too long. The silver lining of the cloud that is hanging over society is that we are in a time of great change, it is now up to people like the Prime Minister to make that change a positive one.

“This is no time for ‘small c’ conservatives to make academic arguments from a distance. When people feel so passionately about the need for reform that they take their cause to the streets during a pandemic there is no clearer sign that we need immediate action that will last.”