“The size of our nation should not dictate the scope of our green ambition or limit what we could achieve” – Adam Price MS

Adam Price MS, Leader of Plaid Cymru, has called for Wales to lead the way on the fight against climate change.

Mr Price made the calls after his critique of the draft COP26 deal, which he said showed an “astonishing” gulf between “world leaders’ rhetoric and reality.”

Mr Price, who is attending COP26 today (Thursday 11 November), said that the primary lesson he will take from the summit is how small nations like Wales can be empowered to fight for climate action.

Leader of Plaid Cymru, Adam Price MS said,

“Between the extremes of flooding in winter and parched earth in summer Wales is already feeling the effects of climate change. While we wait for the world leaders to set out a real plan to keep within a 1.5 degree rise in global warming, the primary lesson we can take from COP26 is that small nations like Wales can be empowered to fight for climate action.

“Our nation is rich in renewable energy sources. While we may still bear the scars of the scorched earth policy inflicted on industrial communities in the 1980s, we could lead the way on the green transition. Our clean energy revolution could create high skilled jobs and raise the living standards of people in all corners of Wales.

“Our ambitions are much greater than those of the UK Government, and we shouldn’t let our size dictate the limits of what we could achieve. This is why the Welsh Government must be provided with the economic levers and powers over the Crown Estate to ensure that it is the people of Wales who benefit from this historic opportunity to create a greener future.”