1. Sections

Plaid Cymru has several official sections and affiliated groups representing different parts of our society within the party and help to carry Plaid Cymru's message to everyone in Wales.

Membership of our sections is open to each relevant member of Plaid Cymru, so you’ll be sure to find likeminded people within the party!

Plaid’s sections include:

  • Plaid Ifanc (Youth Plaid) represent their communities, at a local and national level, to tackle issues facing young people.
  • Plaid Pride champion LGBTQIA+ rights at a Welsh, European and Global level and to shape policies within Plaid Cymru.
  • Plaid BME which aims to engage, empower and advocate BME voices in Welsh politics
  • Merched Plaid (Plaid’s women’s section) provides a safe space for women to share, discuss and actively work on issues that are important to them whilst also encouraging the party to take action on these issues.
  • Undeb (Plaid Cymru's network of trade union activists) campaign under the Plaid Cymru umbrella on trade union issues within their own unions and the wider workers' movement, and are active in campaigning for equality within the workers' movement and combatting fascism, racism, misogyny and homophobia wherever it arises.
  • The Councillor’s Association which was formed to aid Plaid Cymru in fulfilling all our aims in Local Government, including County, and Town and Community Councils.

2. Greenest party

Plaid Cymru has the greenest policies out of any party in Wales – if you care about the environment and the climate crisis, Plaid Cymru is the party for you.

Plaid’s policies on nature and the environment include:

  • Setting a target of 2035 to decarbonise and to reach net zero emissions in Wales.
  • Establishing an energy development company with a target of generating 100 per cent of electricity within Wales from renewables by 2035.
  • Introducing a Nature Act with statutory targets to restore biodiversity by 2050.
  • Providing good quality and safe green spaces within a five-minute walk of all Welsh households.
  • Banning non-essential single-use plastics in 2021, ensuring zero waste ends up in landfill and ending all waste incineration by 2030.
  • Increasing the level of investment in flood mitigation to £500m over the course of this Senedd term.


3. 20 years of Labour

Labour has been in power in Wales for over 20 years, and yet repeated missed targets and half measures has meant that their impact is limited; their time in power has typified the mantra of good intentions but bad governance.

Their record on voting against free school meals, voting against a flooding inquiry that would get vital answer for those whose homes have been devastated by bad weather, and arguing that welfare powers should remain in the hands of the Tories in Westminster speak of a party which has forgotten how to enact its values.

Plaid is a chance for a new beginning.


4. Independence

Westminster does not work for Wales. Whichever London party is in charge, Wales will never be Westminster’s priority and our priorities will not be guaranteed by Westminster.

Wales faces a moment of truth; the future cannot be like the past, and it won’t be if we decide on our own future.

If you want a stronger Wales – feared and respected by Westminster not neglected and ignored – then join Plaid Cymru.


5. Tackling the housing crisis

There is no doubt that Wales is in a housing crisis – house prices across Wales are rising rapidly and rural and coastal areas are seeing an influx of second homes which is driving local communities out of their homes.

Plaid Cymru is working hard to make change in this area, lobbying the government to put more measures into place to make more affordable housing available and to prevent further negative impacts from a saturated second home market.

With more members we can make more change in this area, so if it’s something that’s really important to you then you should join Plaid Cymru.