The economy

We often see the GERW deficit figure bandied about. Whilst it is something that needs to be addressed in and of itself, we should address the underlying causes, that is GVA and fewer workers on average in the 30-50 bracket. Combined these cost Wales some £7Bn in lost revenue. It's interesting to note that whilst our GVA per Capita bumps around the circa 70% of the UK average, it's notable that capital expenditure on key areas such as Transport, Science & Education is of a similar proportion. So my first proposal is that Plaid campaign to reverse this obvious entrenched economic disadvantage. We should be looking at investing the difference in rail freight services to key manufacturing hubs, addressing the recruitment crisis in schools and fully resourcing them in terms of buildings and equipment. We should establish a national Welsh School of Pedagogical Studies to drive forward excellence in teaching at all levels. Further we should ensure that we support research in Welsh Universities that puts Wales at the forefront of technological advance. Lastly we should move from the inward investment model that is essentially a cash bung for jobs to a model of investment in Welsh entrepreneurship and build our home grown sector. We have to look at how to support such concerns as they grow and ensure that not only do they compete in broader markets, but that they're able to add value here within Wales. Such a focus will enable Wales to sustain more jobs that are well renumerated, help retain our talent and reduce the economic gap in terms of fundementals such as housing cost and income. Coupled with a capital investment plan that is balanced throughout Wales this would help build economic resilience in local communities the length and breadth of the country and lead to many social goods ... not least the position of Cymraeg in Y Fro. I think that such an approach would help close the revenue expenditure gap and help build trust in Plaid as a party that is able to govern effectively and facilitate prosperity for our families and communities.