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Wales Deanery proposals echo Plaid Cymru NHS training and recruitment pledges

Professional body also calls for some of Plaid Cymru’s key pledges[...]

Plaid Cymru statement on Trident relocation to Wales

Plaid Cymru has responded to reports that the Ministry of Defence is exploring options for relocating Trident to Wales.   A Plaid Cymru spokesperson said:   "Plaid Cymru's opposition to Trident is longstanding and unconditional. [...]

Plaid urges voters in England to embrace new politics

Plaid Cymru peer Lord Dafydd Wigley has today called upon all Welsh people living and voting in England to embrace the new politics of the UK and to seriously consider voting for the Green Party on May 7th.[...]

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Plaid Cymru Celebratory Dinner

We warmly invite you to join the Party for its 90th anniversary Gala Evening in the company of actor Matthew Rhys.[...]

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29 Jan 2015
Elfyn Llwyd MP speech on Chilcot Inquiry debate

Twelve years ago, the UK went to an illegal war in Iraq, in spite of the protestations of thousands who marched, and [...]

28 Jan 2015
Petition: No to relocating Trident to Wales

This petition was established in response to a report in the press that the MOD is considering relocating the Trident [...]

23 Jan 2015
Young families quitting London as North-south divide worsens

by Dafydd Wigley, Campaign Co-ordinator for the 2015 Westminster election.[...]

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