“It’s your future; make your voices heard” - Leanne Wood


Leanne Wood urges young people to register to vote in General Election

On a visit to Llanelli to campaign with local Plaid Cymru candidate Mari Arthur, party leader Leanne Wood has urged young people not to let others decide their future for them and has called on them to register to vote in the UK election.

Leanne Wood said that after the EU referendum, many young people felt as though their voices hadn’t been heard, and she urged young people not to let that happen again.

The Plaid leader has met with hundreds of young people all over Wales over recent months to hear their views on politics. Results of a survey conducted by Leanne show 67% were in favour of votes at 16, whilst many showed strong opinions on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

She said that it is important that young people are not denied a voice on important matters and urged young people to register to vote for the 8th of June.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:

“Since the EU referendum, I have spoken to hundreds of young people all over Wales, and they have told me that on the whole, they do not like the way in which politics is developing. They feel like they are being left behind by a Conservative government that doesn’t listen to them.

“That’s why I’m urging young people to register to vote, so that they can make their voices heard on the 8th of June. I want everyone to feel that they have a stake in our nation’s future. But to make your voice heard you must first register to vote.”

Plaid Cymru Llanelli candidate Mari Arthur said:

“The Tories have proven that they do not value young people’s futures – they have presided over high levels of youth unemployment, cuts to important public services, and reckless economic plans that threaten their futures.

“In Wales, the Labour party has presided over a stagnating economy, and are responsible for some of the highest levels of youth unemployment in the UK.

“Young people can trust Plaid Cymru to look after their futures. We have plans to give more young people access to apprenticeships, to invest in our universities, and to give young people the skills they need for well-paid, high quality jobs.”

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