Wiliam Rees

Candidate for Cardiff Central

Wiliam Rees - Cardiff Central

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Tell us about yourself

I’m Wil. I’m 22, a Cardiff University graduate and former President of Cardiff's Welsh Students’ Union. I moved to Cardiff for my studies and have stayed here ever since. I now work as a Policy Researcher & Digital Communications Officer.

I come from a Labour family. My grandfather was a Labour County Councillor and my dad worked in the Trade Union movement for most of his life. However, I decided to forge a new path. I’m a proud Welshman and realised that Labour did not represent the interests of the people of Wales, with Labour content with the lowering of Welsh economic, education and health standards.

I got into politics because I want to stand up for a forward thinking and progressive Wales. This is more important now than ever before given the turbulent past few years we’ve all experienced.

Away from work, I love spending time reading a good book. I also enjoy going for walks and runs around Cardiff’s green spaces, especially Roath Park on a cool Sunday morning.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

We need to rebuild a more just, fair and prosperous Cardiff and Wales. Central to that, is getting to grips with the Climate Crisis. This will involve decarbonising, the restoration of biodiversity and building infrastructure based on the technology of the future. For Plaid Cymru ‘going green’ also means offering of good quality and skilled jobs, a healthier people as we clean the air and reconnect with nature, warm homes, reliable transport, a thriving local economy, and a shared value for our rich green spaces.

What will you do for Cardiff Central if elected?

Tackle Poverty. Over 25,000 children in our capital city live in poverty despite the Welsh Labour Government promising to eradicate child poverty by 2020. It cannot be business as usual with the same old ideas by a government that has been in power for 20 years. Plaid Cymru know that the best way to tackle this would be to expand the Free School Meals eligibility criteria, and yet in the Senedd, Welsh Labour have voted against our proposals multiple times. Cardiff deserves better.