Lindsay Whittle warns of danger of traffic chaos if thousands of new homes are built in Caerphilly


Plaid Cymru AM Lindsay Whittle warned today of gridlock if thousands of new homes were built on green fields in the Caerphilly Basin.

Speaking at the party’s spring conference in Llanelli, Lindsay Whittle, who is standing in the Caerphilly constituency at May’s Assembly election, said that the road system, schools and doctor’s surgeries would not be able to cope with such an influx if the Local Development Plan went ahead.

He told delegates: “The proposed LDP that will mean thousands of houses being built on our precious green fields. Brown fields are the last to be touched.

“We shall send a message to greedy developers, greedy landowners and greedy house-builders that our green fields are not for building. In Caerphilly if these new housing developments go ahead – our roads, our schools and our doctor’s surgeries won’t be able to cope with this additional burden.

“These homes will not cater for local people but will merely act as overspill for Cardiff, Bristol and other British cities. It’s not my job as a Welsh politician to cater for housing demands in British cities. It’s my job to fight for my area.”

Lindsay Whittle warned that motorists would face longer journeys into Cardiff as more homes were built in Caerphilly and the capital.

“At the moment it can take 90 minutes to travel the 12 miles into Cardiff at peak times. If Cardiff council allows the 40,000 extra houses they’re planning then what will the future be?

“We have just witnessed the traffic chaos when a Coca Cola lorry visited the city before Christmas. The city and region became gridlocked and the future will mean more of the same. Where is the regional planning?”

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