Welsh Government knew of Tata closures at Christmas


Plaid Cymru has hit out at the Labour Welsh Government after one of its members told the Financial Times he had known since Christmas that Tata had little intention of keeping its UK steel business going.

Party of Wales Treasury spokesperson Jonathan Edwards MP ‎said that the comments exposed the extent of the Labour administration's "shameful inaction" and that this development raised serious questions for the First Minister.

MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, ‎Jonathan Edwards said:

"These shocking comments made by an anonymous member of the Labour Welsh government to a London newspaper shows the extent of their shameful inaction and lack of accountability.

"If the Welsh Government had known since Christmas that Tata had little intention of keeping its UK steel business, where on earth have they been for the last three months?

"Back in January, Plaid Cymru proposed that the Welsh Government should enter a joint venture with Tata in order to give the steel industry a fighting chance of survival.

"This concrete and constructive plan of action was instantly dismissed by a Labour party too tribal to take on board the suggestions of other parties.

"This development raises serious questions for the Labour Welsh Government. The First Minister still hasn't explained why he failed to demand a seat on the plane to the crisis talks in Mumbai.

"Now, it emerges that his administration was aware of Tata's intentions several months ago. The Labour First Minister needs to spell out on Monday what they knew, when they knew, and why they haven't done anything‎.

"Wales cannot go on with a government with such abject lack of ambition and which is willing to idly stand by rather than stand up for our vital steel industry."

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