Data shows Westminster willing to sacrifice Welsh farming to deliver Brexit


Plaid Cymru’s Agriculture Spokesperson, Ben Lake MP, has said that Boris Johnson is willing to sacrifice Welsh agriculture to realise his Brexit plans.

Data has shown that if a simple Free Trade Agreement (FTA) relationship is all that is secured with Europe, over 259,000 hectares of Welsh farmland would be made unproductive because of pressures on farm gate prices for milk and livestock.

An FTA-based relationship is what Boris Johnson – backed by a number of Labour MPs – has said he would seek with the EU after Brexit. The EU is the main market for exports of Welsh agricultural products. It is the destination of over 80% of Welsh food and animal exports, including over 90% of meat, dairy, egg and animal feed exports.

Plaid Cymru go into the election as Wales’s leading party of remain, campaigning to stop Brexit through a final say referendum.

Ben Lake MP said:

“We know Westminster has barely given Wales a second thought in the Brexit process, but this data shows how little respect they have for our rural communities.

“If there was ever any doubt, it is now clear that Boris Johnson is willing to sacrifice Welsh farming to deliver his Brexit.

“Farms are the backbone of the Welsh economy and at the heart of our rural communities. We simply cannot let bureaucrats and politicians in Westminster, who have probably never visited a farm, deliver these damaging policies.  

“In a few week time, we must elect people from our communities that will speak for our country.”

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