Westminster will not decide our constitutional future vow Plaid Cymru ahead of rumoured devolution review


Plaid Cymru’s Delyth Jewell calls Theresa May move “desperate”

Plaid Cymru has vowed they will ensure that it is the citizens of Wales, and not Westminster, who will decide Wales’ constitutional future ahead of speculation that Theresa May will announce a review into devolution.

Prime Minister Theresa May will be visiting Scotland tomorrow amid rumours that she will announce a review into the way devolution and the United Kingdom works – particularly in regards to the relationship between Whitehall departments and devolved administrations over reserved issues.

Plaid Cymru’s shadow minister for International Affairs Delyth Jewell AM said that the visit and rumoured review was a “desperate move” by a prime minister in the “dying days of her premiership”. Ms Jewell said that the Conservatives could not be trusted with devolution and would look to take powers away from Wales, particularly in the context of Brexit. The Tories’ proposal has also been met with fierce criticism in Scotland, with Nicola Sturgeon FM accusing May of showing “zero respect for the Scottish Parliament”.

Noting that support for Wales’ independence was growing, she vowed that Wales’ constitutional future and its right to self-determination would be in the hand of “the citizens of Wales alone” and not Westminster.

Delyth Jewell AM and Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Minister for International Affairs said,

“This is a desperate move from Theresa May in the dying days of her forgettable and powerless premiership. She needs to realise that devolution is not just a legacy project for a Prime Minister – it is a constitutional settlement for a country. The Tories have never been supportive of devolution - they used Brexit to take powers away from Wales, inter-governmental structures are on the brink of collapse and they have candidates in place for the 2021 Assembly election who are actively calling for the abolition of the Welsh Assembly. Wales has never trusted the Tories with devolution and we never will.

“The days of the Welsh constitution being in the hands of Westminster parties is coming to an end and devolution will no longer be the result of whatever compromise the Labour Party can secure between its different wings. Support for independence is growing in Wales and the principle of self-determination will ensure that it will be the citizens of Wales alone who will decide our nation’s constitutional future - not Westminster.”

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