Smith confirms that Labour’s allegiances lie with Westminster, not Wales


If Owen Smith wins the Labour leadership contest the Welsh First Minister can expect to have his decisions undermined by the party in Westminster, Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price AM has warned.

In an interview described as “car crash” on BBC’s Good Morning Scotland, Owen Smith confirmed that the view of the Labour party in Scotland would be “trumped” by the view of the party in Westminster.

Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price AM said:

“Owen Smith has today confirmed that Labour’s allegiances lie with Westminster, not Wales. Despite the Welsh First Minister being elected to govern, it is clear that the Labour party sees Westminster as sovereign, and that any decision taken in Wales that doesn’t suit Labour in Westminster will be overruled.

“Plaid Cymru believes firmly that the people of Wales are sovereign. The democratic decisions taken by the people of Wales should be respected and honoured. But Labour’s arrogance is such that it believes that the view of the ruling elite in Westminster overrides the views of the people of Wales.

“This is not the first time Owen Smith has demonstrated his contempt for devolution. He has consistently voted against the interests of Wales in Westminster, and his claims to be a “committed devolutionist” have been shown to be nothing by empty rhetoric.

“But today, Owen Smith has confirmed it once and for all – in the eyes of the Labour party, Westminster beats Wales.”

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