Westminster’s Brexit games will make UK an ‘international pariah’

Tweaking legal advice to appease Brexiteers ‘morally corrupt’
 Westminster’s reckless approach to the legal aspects of Brexit risks the UK becoming an “international pariah”, Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards MP has said.
Mr Edwards made the comments after reports have surfaced that the Westminster Government is trying to find a way to change its legal advice on its Brexit deal to appease the DUP and Brexiteers in the Conservative Party.
The changes to the legal advice reportedly centre around an interpretation of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and the UK’s ability to use it to unilaterally pull out of the Northern Irish Backstop Protocol.
The Prime Minister has continued to threaten a No Deal Brexit, saying that despite the House of Commons rejecting it this week, without an agreed deal it remains the default outcome. A No Deal exit from the EU would see the UK break multiple international treaty obligations, according to some experts, including some in relation to human rights. The Government’s No Deal plans for trade taxes (known as tariffs) was also disparaged as illegal by the EU, when it was published earlier this week.
Commenting, Jonathan Edwards MP said:
“The law is the law. The Westminster Government changing its interpretation of it to appease its own extremist elements is as much farcical as it is worrying. Tweaking its legal advice to appease Brexiteers is nothing short of morally corrupt.
“We have seen the Prime Minister offer bungs, break promises and bend the rules, but desperation of unprecedented proportions is clearly setting in.
“Westminster has achieved the impressive feat of making UK the laughing stock of the global community at a time when clowns are in charge of some of the world’s superpowers.
“Now, with this legal smoke and mirrors, Westminster is on the verge of making the UK an international pariah, playing fast and loose with global obligations.
“Enough is enough, its time to stop this Brexit madness and put the question of our EU membership back to the people, now that we know the truth about Brexit.”

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