Plaid Cymru would introduce Welsh People’s Bill of Rights

Siân Gwenllian AM, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Equalities, used her speech at Plaid Cymru Spring Conference to call for a Welsh People’s Bill of Rights to preserve the protections that we may lose when leaving the European Union.

Rights including equal pay, pension rights, part-time worker’s rights, anti-discrimination law, and protections for workplace protections for pregnant women derive from EU law that is underpinned by principles of equality.

A Plaid Cymru Government would take a rights based approach to public service provision and introduce a Welsh People’s Bill of Rights to enshrine protections that overlap with devolved matters.

Siân Gwenllian AM, Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Equalities and Local Government, said: 

“There is a danger that the rights we have come to take for granted that are granted by our membership of the EU will be lost after Brexit. Plaid Cymru would introduce a Welsh People’s Bill of Rights to preserve the protections that have improved lives and defended people in Wales from discrimination.

“Rights for pregnant women, pension rights, equal pay, part time worker’s rights and anti-discrimination law have been derived from our membership of the EU. The principle of equality that underpins the body of EU law may be lost when those laws are transferred to Westminster. Can we trust the Tories not to reverse decades of progress in workers’ rights and equalities if it would suit their agenda to do so?

“We need Welsh-specific solutions to the problems we face, and that means taking a rights based approach to delivering public services and introducing a Welsh People’s Bill of Rights to legislate in the overlap between rights and devolved matters. We can combine universal human rights with Welsh policy solutions.

“Plaid Cymru would defend people in Wales from the roll-back of the rights and protections that have made all our lives better.”

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