Welsh NHS suffers from Labour mismanagement as performance targets missed in accident and emergency departments


Plaid Cymru’s Helen Mary Jones AM said that the latest performance figures in the Welsh NHS were ‘scandalous’ and that Labour could not be trusted to run the health service in Wales.

Latest statistics show that Accident and Emergency performance at Welsh hospitals were at a record low for the third month running and the ambulance service failed to meet its response time targets for the first time in four years.

Mid and West AM Helen Mary Jones said that despite frontline NHS staff working to the best of their ability, “shocking mismanagement” from Labour was letting patients and health professionals down.

The shadow health minister said that the people of Wales deserved a party in government that would deliver a national health and care system that ‘works’ for its patients.

Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Health, Mid and West AM Helen Mary Jones said,

“These latest figures on Accident and Emergency and ambulance response waits are scandalous.

“The Welsh Government changed the way it calculated ambulance response times allegedly to more accurately reflect the performance of the service. It was suspected at the time that this was more about massaging the figures and now the new targets cannot be met.

“The Welsh NHS is struggling to cope. Our frontline NHS staff do the best they can under increasingly difficult circumstances and shocking mismanagement from Labour.

“When will the Minister admit we are facing a crisis and take urgent action to support front line staff?

“The people of Wales deserve a better health and care system. The people of Wales should have a party in government that will deliver a national health and care system that works for its patients. The only way to deliver these much-needed improvements is to vote for Plaid Cymru in May 2021.”

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