“We will not vote to make Wales poorer”, Liz Saville Roberts


Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Leader, Liz Saville Roberts MP, confirmed that Plaid Cymru will vote against Boris Johnson’s so-called deal saying that her party will “never vote for something that makes Wales poorer”.

Liz Saville Roberts will also be speaking at the People’s Vote rally in Westminster, where she will repeat Plaid Cymru’s calls to put the decision of whether to leave the EU to a confirmatory vote.  

Under the UK Government’s 2018 modelling a looser relationship with the EU under a Free Trade Agreement type deal – which Boris Johnson’s deal aims for – would see a 5.5% hit to the Welsh economy in the next 14 years. This would see billions wiped off the Welsh economy, likely costing Welsh households thousands of pounds in lost wages and rising prices.

A particular concern for Wales contained in Boris Johnson’s so-called deal, is the creation of a border down the Irish sea, creating huge uncertainty and economic barriers for Welsh ports and exporters. At the moment more than 70% of Irish freight cargo passes through Wales. Holyhead is the UK's second largest roll-on roll-off port after Dover.

The latest iteration of the British Government’s proposed exit from the EU also contains fewer protections for food and environmental standards, consumer protection and workers’ rights.

Liz Saville Roberts MP said:

“We will never vote to make Wales poorer – it is as simple as that.

“While Northern Ireland gets the cushion of a soft Brexit and the option to vote on its relationship with Europe every four years, Wales does not get a single mention in the hundreds of pages of legal documents.

“Our famers, exporters and ports are all going to be damaged by this awful deal. No MP claiming to represent the interests of the people of Wales can back this deal.  

“If the British Government is so convinced of the merits of this deal, they should put it before the people in a confirmatory referendum.”

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