We want to create an international policy for Wales that restores our position as a great trading nation. We will introduce a Wales International, responsible for attracting new businesses, talent and industry from around the world, but also for putting Wales onto the global map for our exports.

Plaid Cymru will continue to support strategic trade missions across the world to foster awareness of Wales in new territories and take advantage of new opportunities that this provides to create jobs. We will publish a set of trade negotiation principles, including for labour and environment standards, and protection of the rights of cultural and language minorities.

We will encourage other countries to establish diplomatic representation in Wales, taking inspiration from countries such as Catalonia and Québec, whose capital cities host dozens of Consulates-General and Consulates, and have emerged as thriving international hubs.

We will establish a formal relationship between the Welsh Government and the Consular Association in Wales as a starting point for developing a strategy to encourage more diplomatic representation in Wales, bringing together key businesses, with a shared objective of enhancing the Welsh economy.

We will call for Welsh associate membership of UNESCO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation, and the International Maritime Organisation.

We want to better promote Wales and Welsh culture across the world, and work closely with international development organisations to promote empowerment of communities across the global south, supporting and developing existing links and exchange programmes with Africa and increasing awareness here in Wales.

Plaid Cymru will push at all levels for the Sustainable Development Goals to be implemented, and will ensure that Wales plays a role in that. We will also play a role in international campaigns to prevent modern slavery, female genital mutilation and to stop cyber-crime. We will support the rights of minority groups across the world to their self-determination and the right to become a nation-state, should they choose to do so through a referendum under internationally recognised standards.

Peace and Security

Plaid Cymru wants to see Wales as part of a global community where we work together to keep each other safe and secure.

Both the Tories and Labour want to spend billions on the renewal of an ineffective and unnecessary nuclear weapons system. Plaid Cymru are determined to prevent the renewal of a weapon of mass destruction and to scrap Trident. We will resist all attempts to relocate nuclear weapons in Wales or in Welsh Waters.

We will base our regiments at home in Wales with a properly funded and looked-after defence force. We will also work with the UK government and other agencies on cyber-defences to prevent technology attacks upon Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Plaid Cymru will take responsibility for our Welsh based veterans, in consultation with the Welsh Veterans Partnership. Veterans have been forgotten by successive governments, with vast numbers continuing to suffer mental and physical health issues with little access to the services they require. We will make sure that veterans receive excellent health care, including mental health care, and adequate housing.

Plaid Cymru believes that, with the exception of binding international treaties, the decision to go to war should require the support of all four nations and we demand that a vote is held in the Senedd prior to any UK-supported military intervention in foreign affairs. The people of Wales have a democratic right to support or oppose such incursions.