Plaid Leader presses Brexit Ministry to protect Welsh economy


Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has written to David Davis, newly-appointed Secretary of State for Brexit, and David Jones MP, Minister of State for Europe, pressing them to fulfil the vow made to the people of Wales by the Leave campaign during the EU referendum.

In her letter, Leanne Wood reminds the ministers that Wales was promised that it would not be at a financial loss in the event of Brexit, that payments to the agricultural sector would be maintained, and that the NHS would receive a cash injection of £490m per year.

Party of Wales Leader Leanne Wood wrote:

“As leader of Plaid Cymru, I have followed your statements closely since your appointment last week. You will know that Wales voted narrowly to Leave the EU. Significant pledges were made by the Leave campaign in order to secure that vote. While recognising the result, Plaid Cymru wants to ensure that those promises are honoured.

“Given that the Prime Minister has now appointed “Brexit” campaigners to her cabinet, it will fall upon you to implement the vow made to Wales ahead of the referendum.

I would like to remind you that we were pledged:

· That the value of all of our EU structural funds would be guaranteed, including programmes which fund our Universities and research.

· That all direct payments to our agricultural sector would be maintained.

· That up to £490m additional per year would be available to Wales to spend on our public services, which we could choose to spend on the NHS.

“EU funds, or a UK replacement of them, should not be seen as a solution to Wales’ deep-rooted economic problems, but instead represent a bare minimum of what we require in terms of regional policy and agricultural support. There will, of course, be a much wider debate about Wales being empowered to tackle its own problems more thoroughly, an area I know this UK Government wishes to explore.

“I trust you will take these issues on board, and look forward to working constructively with you where possible.”

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