"Don't let others decide our fate" – Leanne


Leanne Wood has urged voters to register to vote before the deadline at midnight tonight.

The Plaid Cymru leader urged voters to take matters into their own hands and not "let others decide our fate."

Figures show that more than two million people have registered to vote since the snap election was called but approximately seven million people across the UK who are eligible to vote have not registered, including 30% of those under 34 years of age. 28% of those who have moved homes in the past year are not registered to vote.

In the 2015 UK election, 34% of those eligible to vote did not do so. As a percentage of the eligible population, the Conservatives, who gained a majority in the House of Commons, won only 24% of the vote and Labour won 20%, meaning more people did not vote than supported either of the biggest two parties.

Leanne Wood said:

"This election will determine the future of our NHS for decades to come. It will set the trajectory for people's wages, mortgages, and cost of living. It will determine the future life chances of our children.

"The Tories want people to think that this election is just about Brexit. They want us to ignore their record on the NHS, on the economy and on education.

"Wales cannot afford another five years of the status quo – a cruel and reckless Tory government left unopposed by a weak and divided Labour Party. We cannot let others impose that future upon us.

"In the last UK election, those who chose not to vote outnumbered those who voted for the Conservatives, who won a majority in the House of Commons. We have the power to make a difference but we have to use it.

"Register to vote today, before it is too late. Read every party's manifesto, and vote for the party you trust to defend Wales. Vote for the people you trust to stand up in Westminster and represent you, your community and your country."

"Don't let others decide our fate."

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