First Minister’s litany of Brexit contradictions continues


Plaid Cymru Shadow Secretary for External Affairs, Steffan Lewis has today criticised the First Minister of Wales for his “litany of Brexit contradictions” after an apparent u-turn on his position on whether or not Wales should be able to exercise a veto on the final terms of the UK’s Brexit deal.


In a recent speech, the First Minister said that whatever deal is finally negotiated, its acceptance should be subject to the support of the four Parliaments, adding that he could not envisage consent being given by Wales unless the UK secures access to the single market.

However, today, the First Minister has told the BBC that he is not calling for a Welsh veto on Brexit. This comes less than a week after he outlined three different viewpoints on single market access in just two days.

Plaid Cymru’s Steffan Lewis AM said:

“The First Minister and his Labour Welsh Government’s response to Brexit has laid bare their sheer incompetence when it comes to outlining a clear vision for our country.

“Last week, the First Minister managed to outline three different viewpoints on single market access in just two days. Today, he seems to be u-turning on whether or not there should be a Welsh veto on Brexit.

“Plaid Cymru has been insistent that our National Assembly should have the power to block any Brexit deal that will offer Wales a poor hand. In contrast, the Labour First Minister seems content for Wales’s fate to be sealed by Theresa May and her Tory Ministers in London.

“While the First Minister’s litany of Brexit contradictions continues and the Welsh Government’s position changes daily, communities and businesses in Wales are left with ever greater uncertainty.

“This is a defining period for our nation. We cannot afford to be saddled with a rudderless government that lacks the competence and credibility required to ensure that the Welsh national interest is protected in any Brexit talks.”

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