GE 2019 campaign launch: People of Wales & Party of Wales united is an unstoppably positive force


Launching the party’s election campaign, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price, said “the people of Wales and the Party of Wales united will be an unstoppably positive force”.

Speaking at the event on Anglesey alongside the party’s Westminster leader, Liz Saville Roberts MP, and the Plaid candidate for Ynys Mon, Aled ap Dafydd, Mr Price said that “there is no other party with higher ambition for Wales”.

The party also announced a series of priorities for the election, including:

  • A Welsh Green Jobs Revolution – investing in renewables, infrastructure, and digital, and creating tens of thousands of jobs;
  • A new approach to care – delivering free social care through a new National Health and Care service, with thousands of new medical staff;
  • Lifting thousands of children out of poverty – universal free childcare and a new £35 a week payment for every child in low income families;
  • Taking action on housing – major investment in affordable homes and introducing rent relief for people who pay more than 30% of their income on rent; and
  • Combating crime – by creating a Welsh justice system, devolving policing, and creating a new £50 million crime prevention fund to recruit 1,600 new police officers.

Plaid Cymru will head into this election as the leading remain party in Wales, seeking to stop Brexit through a final say referendum

At the launch, Adam Price said:

“There is no other party with higher ambition for Wales. There is no other party who always, without fail, puts Wales first. There is no other party who believes, above all else, that the solutions to Welsh problems are in our hands.

“That pencil that we will all hold in a few short weeks could be the beginning not just of a new politics, but a new Wales, a new hope for all of us.

“It’s us – the people of Wales that hold the key to our nation’s future.

“Europe, it’s us. Transforming our economy, it’s us.  A caring country, it’s us.  Ending poverty, hunger and homelessness, it’s us.  

“A  healthier Wales, a greener Wales, a prosperous Wales, a confident Wales, an independent Wales. It’s us.

“In a sense, it’s us, or them. The future or the past.  A powerful new sense of self-belief or more of the same, the failed policies and failed politics of Westminster. 

“You know, the people of Wales and the Party of Wales united will be an unstoppably positive force that will change our country for good, a fuse that will light up even the dark nights of this election.”

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