Plaid Cymru statement on the Ireland-UK border situation

In attempting to solve the problem of a border in Ireland, the UK Government has served to create a wider crisis with direct implications for Wales.

Today’s announcement could shift the hard border to Wales’ coast. This could be catastrophic for Welsh ports like Holyhead, which would be placed at a huge disadvantage compared to its competitors. The Welsh national interest is again being ignored by the UK Government.

The solution to hard borders being put up in these islands is for the UK to remain in the EU Customs Union, as Plaid Cymru has advocated.

However, as Leanne Wood has said, any special deals made available to one part of the UK must also be available to others, including Wales, so that we can choose the best possible future for our country. We urge the Welsh Government to fight for this, in the same way as the leaders of Scotland and London are doing.

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