'We stand by our Welsh Muslim brothers and sisters' - Leanne Wood


Speaking before a demonstration in Cardiff against President Trump's decision to ban people from seven mainly-Muslim countries from travelling to the US, Leanne Wood said: 

"On behalf of Plaid Cymru, I would like to express our support for tonight’s demonstration.

"Events in the United States affect us all, particularly at a time when the UK Prime Minister is attempting to create a relationship with that country.

"Any relationship between the two states must include the ability to be critical and to speak out when standards of decency and human rights are not met.

"Wales is a country which has a small but valued population of Muslim citizens.

"The proposed ban, targeted at Muslims travelling to the United States is islamophobic. We stand by our Welsh Muslim brothers and sisters while their religion comes under attack.

"These attacks are happening at the same time as the idea of torture is being normalised.

"Let us all reject this discrimination. Let us all be prepared to send a message that we value all citizens of Wales, regardless of religion or background and that we will all stand together to protect and defend each other.

"Let us all remain positive and let us be encouraged by the show of unity this demonstration has brought about.

"Let us all be ready to come together and make our voices heard to show that Wales is a united country and a society of equals.”

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