Up to £400 savings under Plaid Cymru council tax reforms


Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Finance and Treasury Minister Adam Price has set out today his party’s plans to reform council tax.

Adam Price said that Plaid Cymru will reform the “grossly unfair” council tax system, which will save up to £400 per year for those on the lowest bands.

Adam Price made the announcement at a keynote address at Cardiff School of Management where he also set out his party’s plans to introduce a new culture of government.

Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Finance and Treasury Minister Adam Price said:

“We have it in our power to radically reform the most regressive tax in these islands, a legacy of the Thatcher period, the grossly unfair Council Tax that levies four times as much as a proportion of wealth on the poorest as the richest. That is not the Welsh way, and we will take steps to address that injustice.

“Almost a million households in Wales will have a reduction in their council tax, that’s 75% of households. Of those, 200,000 households will see their council tax halved, saving £400 per house, whilst another 600,000 will see savings of between £160 and £260. Our proposals are radically redistributive – but it's important they are also balanced, measured and proportionate.”

He concluded:

“This is the new dynamic. A new synthesis between the social democratic values of old and the enterprise, innovation and creativity of a new generation. A country of collective intelligence, to which all of us can contribute and from which all of us will gain. A new Government by itself will not mean a new Wales. A new Finance or First Minister will not mean a new Wales. A New Wales means governing anew. That is the challenge of change.”

A copy of Adam Price's speech where he made this and other announcements can be found here: http://www.deryn.co.uk/news/adam-price-keynote-a-new-dynamic-rising-to-the-challenge-of-change/

Further information about how this policy will work can be found on this blog by our Head of Policy: https://www.partyof.wales/the-slate/2016/03/23/an-explanation-of-plaid-cymrus-plans-to-reform-council-tax-by-head-of-policy-ian-johnson/

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