Transgender Day of Remembrance


Leanne Wood's statement on Trans Day of Remembrance

I’m proud to stand to remember all those we have lost to hatred, and recommit ourselves to fighting for a world free from transphobia.

Trans Day of Remembrance is more important than ever. All around us, we can see the growth of intolerance, hatred and the far right.

As the President of the United States attempts to remove all legal protections for trans people, a fascist committed to the persecution of LGBT people takes power in Brazil and the UK media whips up scaremongering about gender recognition reform, we must not become complacent. 

We are here to remember those who have been lost, and the full, free and fulfilling lives they never got to live.

But we are also here to demand a better future, for the young people bullied in school for not conforming to gender stereotypes, the trans people waiting years to access adequate health care and everyone living in fear of hate crime and violence.

We must remember the dead, and fight for the living.

Plaid Cymru’s vision is of a Wales where everyone is respected, free from abuse and discrimination. I want everyone who shares that vision to be part of building a better, more equal nation together.

So I encourage everyone who supports trans equality to use this opportunity to speak up and make their support clear.

I’m proud to stand in solidarity with you tonight, and I always will be.

Dros Gymru, a dros fyd, lle mae pawb yn rhydd i fyw heb gasineb.

For a Wales, and a world, where everyone is able to live free from hatred.

This starts with you

They have the money but we have the people. If everyone who visits this website joins our movement, there's nothing we can't accomplish together.