Plaid warns of Tory squeeze on wages


Plaid Cymru has warned of an impending squeeze on wages if the Tories continue to govern without an effective opposition.

The party’s candidate in Rhondda, Branwen Cennard, has said that a “voice of reason” is needed in Westminster to keep the Tory government in check, as the Labour Party continues to be distracted with internal divisions and weak leadership.

The warning comes as the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, said that inflation will outstrip wages for the first time since 2013, and predicted that wages will be £1,000 lower than forecast before the decision to leave the European Union. Carney also predicted that wages will be £320 lower than forecast just three months ago.

Plaid Cymru’s Parliamentary candidate for Rhondda, Branwen Cennard, has warned that Wales cannot afford another five years of an unopposed Tory government with a weak and divided opposition, and urged voters to elect a strong team of Plaid Cymru MPs to provide the voice of reason in Westminster and defend Wales from the Tories.

Commenting, Branwen Cennard said:

“The Tories have been allowed to get away with portraying themselves as economically competent because of the utter failure of the Labour opposition to hold them accountable for their failures.

“Despite the so-called ‘long-term economic plan’ promising to eliminate the deficit by 2015 and the selective use of statistics to portray the last seven years as a success, the reality is the British State isn’t even in the top ten fastest growing economies in the European Union, let alone the rest of the world. We’re now being told that we’ll all be £1000 worse off than expected this year and that we won’t have enough money to cover the increased cost of living.

“In fact the UK is alone among advanced economies in seeing wages decrease despite the economy growing. It is very obvious to any ordinary person on the streets of Wales that any economic growth in London is not finding its way to ordinary people’s pockets.

“This Tory government is only interested in helping their friends in the City of London. It’s no accident that the steel industry has been ignored by Westminster for example, in order to maintain good relations with the Chinese. The Tories are desperate for the Chinese to invest in the City of London and they’re clearly willing to sacrifice ordinary people’s livelihoods to secure it. 

“We cannot afford to let the Tories have another five years without a strong opposition. The Labour Party has abandoned us. They are too weak and divided to stand up to the Tories and defend Wales. Only Plaid Cymru can stand up to the Tories, provide a voice of reason in Westminster and be the united opposition our country so desperately needs.”

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